Sing For Joy

Maria is such a wise woman, I learned so much from her even though I only briefly met her while visiting in the Dominican Republic this summer.

I had heard she had been a victim of a thief who took her medicine, sheets and her propane tank for her stove as she was visiting the doctor for her swollen foot, and yet she had joy. Maria’s enlarged foot was in part caused by the unsanitary conditions of her house that had a leaky roof and a dirt floor, and yet she had joy. Maria rarely had enough food to eat and clean water to drink, and yet she had joy. I kept thinking would I find joy if I was Maria? How does a person continue to have hope and joy when thrown so many obstacles in life?

Maria was overcome with gratitude as a previous ASON team put a cement floor in her home, fixed her roof and also furnished her with new things including a cooking pot, even though these improvements hadn’t been on the schedule for that team. I love how God directs the feet of His children to see where help is needed!

During our visit in August, Maria greeted us with warm embraces and a song in her heart filled with joy and gratitude, giving God all the glory. We learned that she has now taken in an orphan and watches over other children that lack supervision even though she doesn’t have enough food to feed herself and her foot is still healing.

Maria has a servant’s heart and the joy of the Lord spills over as she gives God the glory for everything she has! I want to grow up to have faith like Maria, knowing that her joy and strength comes only from the Lord!

“But let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love Your name rejoice in You.” Ps. 5:11


About The Author: I’m a mother of three daughters living with my husband in sunny Arizona. My life was changed by going to the Dominican Republic on my first mission trip with ASON in 2014. My goal is to now put my time, energy and support through ASON to show God’s love to others beyond the United States.


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