The Power Of Connection

I was recently in the Dominican Republic (DR) as member of the team to take part in summer camp for ASON’s sponsored children and Adonai’s high school graduation. I was very excited to return to the DR where I reunited with my Dominican friends and introduced my husband, Eric, to our sponsored children. We were blessed and spoiled at Pastor Marino’s home, our home away from home for a week.

While Eric and I were playing with our two “DR daughters,” Nicole and Albairis, we noticed a sweet girl trailing their every move. We were very curious about their new friend, Masiel, as I had not met her on previous trips. We soon learned that 3½-year-old Nicole had been busy inviting children from the neighborhood to her fun, new church Adonai!

Masiel was enjoying our company very much during our visit, delivering hugs any chance she could and squeezing in next to us in the church pews with a warm smile.

When the time came for our goodbyes, after the evening church service, we not only had two little girls clinging to our legs wanting to come back with us for a sleepover, we had a third teary-eyed little sweetie not ready for us to leave. As we drove away, while the tears rolled down my face, Eric and I felt the same… Masiel needed the love and encouragement that sponsorship would bring. Therefore, the inquiry began to see if this could be a possibility, as no one really knew about this cutie, Nicole’s newest invited friend.

Upon returning to the U.S. we caught up with long time friends, Clayt and Annette, who were more than curious about our experience – they really wanted to know if Eric survived his first mission trip, something which was way out of his comfort zone! (I will save that story for another time.) Spilling over with all the excitement of the trip, we did not realize that we were, in reality, extending an invitation to our friends to get involved with the mission work that is now an all-consuming passion for me! Annette finally got a word in edge wise, letting us know that they were thinking of sponsoring a child in the DR. Eric’s immediate response was “I know just the girl!”

Masiel is now attending Adonai, thanks to her new sponsors, Clayt & Annette! God works in amazing ways!



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