Women Will Soon Be Dancing!

Post author Ellen Abramson

Three days from now, God willing, I will be sitting on a plane flying to Accra, Ghana W Africa! For two weeks, we will enjoy the African beauty and the warmth of the Ghanaian culture. One of our projects in Ghana is to buy the very beautiful and durable Bolga baskets from the Ghanaian women in our project area so that they can feed, clothe and educate their children. They will soon be dancing because we will be paying the weavers for baskets we have sold, and we will be purchasing more to take home for our local and online store! Imagine the blessing! Imagine the dancing! ASONInt on YouTube has several videos about our weavers, including some great excerpts of their celebratory dancing! Take a look Enjoy the Dance!!

And, we will be purchasing about 2 tons of rice, corn and beans to distribute to the children as well! I will hear the familiar expression of highest praise, “You have tried.” The first time I heard that, it set me back thinking I’d not done well. But, in Ghanaian English, “You have tried” is highest praise; more akin to our phrase, “Wow, you did great!”

Christmas is coming and perhaps you might find baskets to fill your gift list. I have at least a dozen baskets serving various functions in my home. They are truly amazing. Buy Bolga Baskets from ASON

On this journey, I will dedicate the $40k completed bathroom facility. They will not use it until it is properly dedicated! I will also meet with the builder to plan the next building in the project, a pastor’s study center and spend a lot of time visiting medical facilities in the area as part of the planning process for a small clinic in Peter’s project.

We are recruiting for a construction project in the DR in May! Send strong young men our direction would you?

Please remember to help us get the word out about our school in the Dominican Republic! We need 100 new children sponsored every year for the next 3 years if that school is to survive and thrive! In the last 2 weeks we added 20 new children, praise God!

THANK YOU for giving, and praying, sending and going!


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